Sound and vibration analyzers

Vibration and electrical parameter analyzers

Testing stations

Energy saving equipment

Automation equipment




Spectrum analysis

Low resonance speed balancing

Balancing using the influence coefficients method

Steam turbine diagnosis

Blade testing

Turbo engine testing

Circularity analysis

Bearing diagnosis

Gear diagnosis

Electrical parameters analysis

Flicker measurement





Equipment for monitoring and diagnosing electric machine rotors




Industrial application software

Sound, vibration and electrical parameter analyzers

Testing and diagnose stations

Remote monitoring equipment

Industrial automation

Energy saving equipment

Diagnose and balancing services

Design services

Applicative research




Through the Resolution 9725/25.08.2008 issued by the National Scientific Research Authority, DIGITLINE has been certified as a research & development organization under the Govt. Resolution 551/2007.

The research activity is being carried out within the programs developed by the Scientific Research, Innovation & Technological Transfer Agency - POLITEHNICA (AMCSIT) and has the following main objectives:

  • Remote control of solar-powered cathode protection installations

  • Reduction of energy consumption in the city lighting

  • Energy quality analysis



ISO 9001 : 2001

DIGITLINE has implemented the Quality Management System in accordance with the EN ISO 9001 : 2001 requirements.


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